About Naika Statlogic

The Big Data Boutique

Data-driven businesses look beyond knowing what happened, at why it happened (diagnostic), what will happen (predictive) and how they can influence the outcome (prescriptive). The step change from data to knowledge is key for businesses to be competitive in a data driven world. Naika Statlogic’s aim is to straddle the niche between data and knowledge.

We started our life in the latter half of 2013 as a pure play Statistical Data Analysis company setup to cater the gap for high quality data analysis for Academia and Life Sciences industries. Our core expertise lay in Life Sciences. Our data scientists have several years of experience analyzing complex datasets and were instrumental in creating standards for accessing and using data in the Life Sciences discipline in India.  From the niche we occupy we have slowly evolved into a boutique Big Data player in what we regard as a logical progression of our service proposition.

Since early 2014, we have aligned our focus to product development within Data Science, taking a wider view of industry requirements beyond the three defined verticals where we initially started. We work in three key sectors of the economy namely, Oil & Gas, Aviation, and Telecom reflecting the domain specialization of our staff.